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Replace your agents and reduce your cost up to 50%

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We provide the following solutions and more
Powered by Google Speech API, AWS Lex and our Proprietary engine
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Telephone bots make telesales calls to potential customers replacing your human workforce. Our intent detection bot records the customers intent allowing you to focus only on interested clients.

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Speech IVR

Replace your old touch-tone based IVR with speech based IVR. Individuals can speak instead of pressing keys to navigate the IVR menu. Our high quality speech recognition engine interprets the spoken words and take actions accordingly.

Go to Feedback & Survey

Feedback & Survey

Reach out to your customers for bill reminders, subscription renewal, service feedback etc. Our telephony bot interacts with your customers in a natural manner while identifying and recording their response.

Go to Keyword Spotting

Keyword Spotting

Integrate our light weight highly efficient keyword spotting machine learning models with your devices. We build models for any customized keyword required to activate your device.

How it works

Make your contact center AI enabled
AI enabled telephone bot for automated phone calls

If your contact center meets the following criteria, then AI Telephony is beneficial for you.
1. You have a contact center with several agents managing the calls
2. Your agents make/attend several thousand incoming/outgoing calls a day
3. The communication over the calls is repeated in nature
4. Each call requires an agent to interpret the intent of the response provided by a human e.g. 'Yes', 'No', etc.

You can explore more details about our offerings and pricing in the FAQ section or write to us

  • Reduce your cost of operation up to 50%

  • Scale as needed. Pay as you go.

  • High quality and consistent calling

  • Minimal supervision required due to reduced workforce. Hire high quality workforce.

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